Seven Questions (more or less)

Seven Questions (more or less)

Posted on 01-04-2011

Who are you and what do you do/what have you done with Bongo?

I'm Nina Matsumoto, but you may know me as "space coyote" online. (No, I'm not Homer's spirit guide -- I don't take credit for any of his actions -- I'm a different kind of space coyote.) I'm responsible for those bizarre manga- style Simpsons comics, "Too Crazy Juvenile Prankster: Bartomu!" from Simpsons Comics #131 and (the Eisner Award-winning!) "Murder He Wrote" from Treehouse of Horror #14. I've also done some pencils for Bart Simpson comic stories done in your friendly familiar Matt Groening style, the way the Simpsons were meant to be drawn.


Who is your favorite Bongo character in general?

My favourite would have to be Sideshow Bob. He's sinister, he's sophisticated, and he likes "Gilbert & Sullivan" musicals. What's not to like? I'm also partial to minor unlikely favourites such as Kirk Van Houten and Superintendent Chalmers.


Okay, now who is your favorite Bongo character to draw? And what character, if any, always poses a problem for you?

My favourite character to draw is Homer. He's animated and can change his emotions on a dime, making him fun to give different expressions and poses.


I can relate to both Bob and Homer; Bart always causes me problems. There's just something about the proportions of his head that makes him difficult for me to get on-model. Any Simpsons family member is harder to draw than the rest of the cast, but Bart is the most troublesome.


What inspires you in your Bongo endeavours?

My lifelong addiction to Groening's crazy universe and my desire to be involved in it. A true love for the characters. A devotion to art and comics.


Oh, and money. Now there's a good morale booster!


If you ended up in Springfield on vacation, what would you want to visit?

The Springfield Mystery Spot. No harm in having a look-see, right?


What’s your favorite comic book sound effect?

In manga, "Shi-n" indicates complete silence.


Do you have a favorite Bongo story?

I can't choose a favourite, but "Boo-tleg" by Ben Jones in Treehouse of Horror #15 was quite a trip. Then again, I like any of the ToH stories done by guest artists, because I love the gore and different art styles.


What would you most like Marge to cook for your dinner tonight?

Celery soup. It's pretty exciting.