Send in the Clown

Send in the Clown

Posted on 04-19-2017

Today’s the day! Krusty the Clown #1 is finally available for purchase on the Simpsons Store app! It’s two all-new adventures starring everyone’s favorite middle-aged clown prince of comedy! 


In the first story, Krusty finds himself alone and wandering the empty streets of Springfield. All that he is left with are his memories of a life in showbiz lived to the fullest–a little song, a little dance, and a little seltzer down his pants. But where did all the people go? 


Next, see Krusty introduce Krustyburger’s new Megameal Deal with less than ideal results. All this, plus a bonus pinup! At only $1.99, it’s a whole lot of bang for less than two bucks!  


The Simpsons Store app is available for download from the iTunes App store and Google Play.