Evolution of an Illustration - Stage Three

Evolution of an Illustration - Stage Three

Posted on 04-27-2012

The problems were identified, so it was time to come up with some solutions:


• I took the dragons and the barbarian woman out of the mix, and flipped the position of the cliff and moons. With the sorceress on the other side, i positioned her in a commanding stance, and had her flanked by two ferocious dire wolves to tie her into the action in the foreground.


• I pushed the ogre towards the 'camera', which not only opened up some space, but helped create a greater sense of depth in the image.


• Now that I had more visible background, I added a menacing horde of silhouetted foes to threaten our savage spectacled hero. 


• Most importantly, I changed Milhouse's posture so that he would be charging and leaping into the fray, rather than twisting his body. Note how he has a clear silhouette for a more striking image


At this point, I started refining the forms and prepared to finalize the drawing.