Radioactive Repository Volume One

Radioactive Repository Volume One

Posted on 06-28-2012

It’s taken nearly twenty years to arrive, but everyone at Bongo is excited for the imminent release of Radioactive Man: Radioactive Repository Volume One. This massive 272-page hardcover gathers Radioactive Man’s classic adventures into one impressive archival collection. We just got our advance copies and they look awesome.


For those not in the know, we’ve always presented and numbered the Radioactive Man series as if each comic was found in the back issue bin at the Android’s Dungeon. Just think…maybe your copy of Radioactive Man #216 is the same one that a naïve Disco Stu sold when he traded in his comic collection to buy his first pair of polyester pants. It’s meta enough to boggle the mind!


This deluxe volume contains:


• An introduction by Radioactive Man creator Morty Mann


• A “glowing” appreciation and brief history by lifelong fan Paul Dini (“Batman–The Animated Series”)


• Pristinely restored stories culled from the first 1000 issues of Radioactive Man, including: Radioactive Man #1, #88, #216, #412, #679 and #1000


• The classic Radioactive Man 80 pg. Colossal and “The Heroic Life and Mortifying Death of Radioactive Man” (Radioactive Man #160)–previously serialized in Simpsons Comics #36-39  


Join the Atomic Avenger as he fights for truth, justice, and a way to remove the radioactive, lightning bolt-shaped metal shard from his head!


In stores all across America on July 17th.