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It’s been over six years since Bongo Comics attended WonderCon…but we’re back, baby!


Join up with Team Bongo in the hallowed halls of the Anaheim Convention Center from March 16-18. You can find us at our booth (#403) just inside the center entrance, where we will meet all your Simpsons and Futurama comics needs. Why not stop by, share a laugh, grab some autographs, and request a sketch of Sideshow Raheem?


Also, check out our fan-friendly Bongo Comics Sneak Peak panel on Saturday, March 17, in Room 203AB from 2:00-3:00. Not only will we preview everything that’s coming soon from Bongo, but if you’re lucky, former Creative Director Bill Morrison and new Creative Director Nathan Kane may even throw down in a Triskelion fashion grudge match.


Now, that's decision making, Bongo style!


Hey Bongo Fans!


February 29th marks the release of our most charmingly off-kilter comic book of the year…Ralph Wiggum Comics #1.


Besides being filled from cover-to-cover with Wiggum-esque adventures, puzzlers, and even a Ralphie-edited letters page, this one-of-a-kind comic is actually a five-of-a-kind comic!


I know what you're thinking, and it goes a little like, "Whaaaaa…?!"


Here's the skinny. Ralph Wiggum Comics #1 is coming to comic book shops, bookstores, and newsstands with five altogether unique cover quips designed to thrill, delight, and pleasingly perplex you.


Other than the extra dose of vitamin Ralph, what does all this mean to you? Can you sense a contest? Good, because that's where we’re going.


There's only one prize, and it won't be claimed by the faint of heart. The first person to submit a photo (or photos) of themself holding all five Ralph Wiggum Comics #1 covers, will be “Simpsonized” by our infamous Bongo bullpen and immortalized in an upcoming issue of Simpsons or Bart Simpson comics. Your choice!


Remember, there are 5 different covers, and they won't all be available in the same place. Here's a little clue for any of you contemplating this Herculean labor:

Direct Market editions (on sale 2/29) feature three distinct sayings. There are two more alternates on the newsstand and bookstore versions, which go on sale 3/20.


What do the word balloons say, you ask? I’ve been sworn to secrecy, so you’re on your own there.


Email your photos to us at The photo (or photos) need to clearly show all five word balloons. The first qualifying entry in our inbox will be notified and then probably instructed to fill out a ton of legal waivers.  After that…comic book immortality! This may be your final chance to live forever in comic book form! Seize the day!


Good luck and Happy Hunting!


Now for the fun legal stuff: This is a exclusive contest! Send your photos to our website address at and include the following statement: “For consideration for publication in Bongo Comics. I agree if you publish my submission it becomes your property.”

by Graham Annable, Jacob Chabot, James Kochalka, David Lewman, and various


In “Missing Man,” SpongeBob, Patrick, and Barnacle Boy go on a desperately dumb search for a wayward Mermaid Man, annoying the hero's entire rogues gallery along the way. And SpongeBob becomes the champion of an underground civilization living beneath the Krusty Krab in “Look Out Below.” Also, Gary heaves a hairball, courtesy of James Kochalka (Dragon Puncher), and Squidward's clarinet playing gets an assist from Bob Flynn (Heeby Jeeby Comics). All this plus a Scott Shaw! (Simpsons Comics) ad-parody and a pin-up of this issue's sword-and-spongery cover!


By Boothby, Delaney, Davis


The ever resilient, Emmy®-winning series “Futurama” is going strong on Comedy Central, and our comic series offers you a double dip of futuristic fun on a bimonthly basis. In January, when Mayor Poopenmeyer’s reputation is tainted by corruption charges, Bender steps in and rehabilitates his image; but give the bending unit a little power and pretty soon New New York City is seceding from the planet. Then, frustrated by the high cost of eggs, Leela steals a few from some nearby owl nests, only to find herself and Planet Express at the mercy of some very angry birds.

Sergio uses some slight of hand this month in Sergio Aragonés Funnies #7 to conjure up the tale of a man with a lifelong dream to become a professional magician and the long journey he takes to achieve his goal. Then, the master storyteller delves into Hawaiian mythology and the legend of the magical Menehunes. And, follow Sergio as he recounts his first steps towards becoming a professional cartoonist and his chance encounter with one of Mexico’s greatest artists.

by Sergio Aragonés

Sergio Aragonés continues to dazzle his readers with humorous and heartfelt stories this holiday season. First, he recounts a dangerous moment from his childhood while with his friend Julio. Then, a photographer sets out to document a Native American tribal ritual with severe consequences. Also, a fun-filled assortment of Sergio’s gags and games.

by Jacob Chabot, James Kochalka, Dani Michaeli, Gregg Schigiel, and various


SpongeBob journeys to an alternate dimension in “Bikini Bottom 2” and encounters a very familiar–and yet startlingly different–cast of characters! In “Squidward Saves Television,” Squidward takes over SpongeBob's favorite shows in order to bring a little class to television. Yeah, that'll work... Plus: a cover pin-up, “SpongeFunnies” by James Kochalka, a painted back cover by Julie Wilson, and an interactive comic that invites readers to draw Mr. Krabs' tattoos!

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