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In honor of our favorite holiday and celebrating the release of Bart Simpson’s Manual of Mischief (available now at all fine book stores), here’s a peek at the Prankster’s Crest!

SPONGEBOB COMICS #30 features fun flip-book-type transformations courtesy of artist Bob Flynn. Here's a sample of some of the surreal sponge-action!

By Sergio Aragonés


The Sergio Aragonés Funnies maxi-series comes to an end (for now!) with another astonishing anthology of autobiographical anecdotes, perplexing puzzles, and silly short stories from the maestro of mirth! Join Sergio as he encounters Japanese icon Toshiro Mifune and spins a tale of a comic fan determined to emulate his favorite superhero.

By Hilary Barta, Stephen R. Bissette, Dave DeGrand, Chuck Dixon, Derek Drymon, James Kochalka, Robert Leighton, Nate Neal, Travis Nichols, R. Sikoryak, Maris Wicks.


This issue: United Plankton finally cashes in on the trend that's sweeping comics--science stories starring sea-dwelling squirrels. That's right, it's a whole issue starring Sandy Cheeks, SpongeBob's Texas twangin' rodent pal, who's an athlete and a lady scientist t'boot! See Sandy save Bikini Bottom from the horror of the gargantuan Aqua Chimp! Gasp as she goes paw-to-tentacle against Plankton in an invention showdown! Scratch your head as you try to comprehend what her oddest invention has done to SpongeBob's holes! And quake in fear as she discovers the source of that awful noise coming from deep within an unexplored trench! All this plus ocean facts about squirrels (yup!), Patrick's dental-care invention, and a Sandy-themed Rube Goldberg tribute with art by R. Sikoryak (Masterpiece Comics).

By Derek Drymon, Jacob Chabot, James Kochalka, Maris Wicks, Kevin Cannon, and Nick Jennings. 


In the remote wastes of the northern waters, something monstrous sits encased in ice, waiting to be thawed out…by two of silliest nincompoops in the seven seas. SpongeBob and Patrick track a wayward Mr. Krabs to the frozen ruins of an ancient civilization and must deal with the enraged creature that once ruled it! In the tradition of H.P. Lovecraft, Carl Barks, Roy Crane, and Snow Dogs comes a full-length SpongeBob arctic adventure, "The Curse of King Krabbe!" Also: Squidward's new career, comics-loving pirates stuck in pack-ice, frigid facts about arctic ocean-life, and more!

by Sergio Aragonés


More fantastic fun from Sergio Aragonés this month as the maestro tells the troubling tale of a scavenging search party who come across the wreckage of a plane that holds some dark secrets of its own. Then learn about Sergio’s gargantuan gift to his dear friend and publisher of MAD Magazine, William Gaines. And, of course, you can expect more delightful puzzles and pantomimes from the most beloved cartoonist in the world.

Cartoonist Dave DeGrand puts SpongeBob through some evasive maneuvers in SPONGEBOB COMICS #27--on sale right now!

By Rick Altergott, Jacob Chabot, David DeGrand, Vincent DePorter, Gary Hallgren, James Kochalka, Robert Leighton, Mark Martin, Travis Nichols, Israel Sanchez.


SpongeBob is dragged to court…by a mob of angry jellyfish! It's "Trial By Jelly" for SpongeBob and Patrick, by Vince DePorter (Scooby-Doo). Then cartoonist Israel Sanchez (Flight) puts Squidward through the ringer  in "Blue Bonnet Society." Can Squidward survive the chaos after he interrupts SpongeBob's warm-up exercises? In "The Amazing SpongeBot" by David DeGrand (Zombie Chasers) a mechanical future SpongeBob must stop the present-day Mr. SquarePants from performing a comedy routine--or else the future will be all messed up or something! Also in this issue: SpongeBob blows up big; Gary's shell gets detailed; and Patrick declares a new holiday. PLUS: SpongeFunnies by James Kochalka and a kooky coral maze by Robert Leighton (New Yorker) and Gary Hallgren (Air Pirates).

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