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by Sergio Aragonés


More fantastic fun from Sergio Aragonés this month as the maestro tells the troubling tale of a scavenging search party who come across the wreckage of a plane that holds some dark secrets of its own. Then learn about Sergio’s gargantuan gift to his dear friend and publisher of MAD Magazine, William Gaines. And, of course, you can expect more delightful puzzles and pantomimes from the most beloved cartoonist in the world.

Cartoonist Dave DeGrand puts SpongeBob through some evasive maneuvers in SPONGEBOB COMICS #27--on sale right now!

By Rick Altergott, Jacob Chabot, David DeGrand, Vincent DePorter, Gary Hallgren, James Kochalka, Robert Leighton, Mark Martin, Travis Nichols, Israel Sanchez.


SpongeBob is dragged to court…by a mob of angry jellyfish! It's "Trial By Jelly" for SpongeBob and Patrick, by Vince DePorter (Scooby-Doo). Then cartoonist Israel Sanchez (Flight) puts Squidward through the ringer  in "Blue Bonnet Society." Can Squidward survive the chaos after he interrupts SpongeBob's warm-up exercises? In "The Amazing SpongeBot" by David DeGrand (Zombie Chasers) a mechanical future SpongeBob must stop the present-day Mr. SquarePants from performing a comedy routine--or else the future will be all messed up or something! Also in this issue: SpongeBob blows up big; Gary's shell gets detailed; and Patrick declares a new holiday. PLUS: SpongeFunnies by James Kochalka and a kooky coral maze by Robert Leighton (New Yorker) and Gary Hallgren (Air Pirates).

By Rick Altergott, Vanessa Davis, James Kochalka, Robert Leighton, Scott Roberts, Gregg Schigiel, Joey Weiser, Maris Wicks


This issue is filled with SICK humor! Because SpongeBob has a bad cold. And when his friends visit, things somehow get WORSE. Joey Weiser and Gregg Schigiel reveal all in "Sick Day." And in "Trench Vanilla," readers can experience a SpongeBob adventure in widescreen--that's right, it's a 10 page comic that is ONE continuous image! Enjoy this miracle of comic book technology courtesy of Robert Leighton and Gregg Schigiel. Plus: James Kochalka's "SpongeFunnies," David Lewman and Vanessa Davis's "Squidward in Love," Joey Weiser's "Phoney Dance Party," and Maris Wicks's "Flotsam and Jetsam." And to cap it off,  Scott Roberts (PATTY-CAKE) shows us the awful things that happen when Patrick tries to think!

By Sergio Aragonés


Sergio regales us with a survivor’s tale straight from the decks of the RMS Titanic. Then he recalls how he made his “Second Peso” as a budding professional cartoonist. Add in a mix of mazes and marginal comic strips, and you will be in for a fun-tastic time. missed a spot! From SpongeBob Comics #25, on sale now. Art by Deranged Dave DeGrand.

By Jacob Chabot, David DeGrand, Stephen DeStefano, Derek Drymon, Michael T. Gilbert, James Kochalka, Jacob Lambert, David Lewman, Travis Nichols, Andy Rementer, and Marc Rosenthal.


Cover by Gregg Schigiel, with color by Rick Neilsen


It's another swimmingly spooky Halloween issue! First, the Flying Dutchman's undead crew is on the loose in Bikini Bottom--but why can't they get a good scare out of that little yellow guy? Writer Derek Drymon and legendary Mister Monster-maker Michael T. Gilbert may have the answers in THE DUTCHMAN'S CHALLENGE. And in THINGS THAT GO BURP IN THE NIGHT by David DeGrand (Garfield, Zombie Chasers), SpongeBob must confront the terror of the late shift at the Krusty Krab. Then Squidward's dream has come true--his rival Squilliam Fancyson is reduced to a miserable pauper, in a O'Henry-esque tale of late October by Jacob Lambert and Stephen DeStefano. All this plus a monster pumpkin, a costume contest, and a back cover by acclaimed children's book artist Marc Rosenthal!

By Rick Altergott, Graham Annable, Corey Barba, Vince Deporter, Gary Hallgren, James Kochalka, Scott Roberts, Vince Deporter, Maris Wicks, and Aaron Renier.


In our greediest issue yet, Eugene Krabs, owner of the Krusty Krab and SpongeBob's penny-pinching boss, scuttles into the spotlight. First, Krabs hears of a mythical tree with dollar bills for leaves. To what ends will he go to possess this fiscal foliage? You, SpongeBob, and Squidward all find out in "The Money Tree" by Graham Annable. For this issue's pin-up, former Air Pirates artist Gary Hallgren paints a giant Bikini Bottom dollar bill with Krabs himself in the presidential spot. Also: In "Squidmund Visits, " Squidward's got company, so he must get his house's feng shui in order. But Squidward forgot to plan for one thing--or make that two things: one yellow, one pink! All this plus facts about sanddollars, Patrick's introduction to the 3-second rule, and an adorable back cover by Graham Annable!

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