Bongo Blog

Who are you and what have you done for Bongo?

I started writing and drawing stories for Bongo in the summer of 2009 soon after I gave up my weekly strip, “WayLay.” After drawing one-page stories for eighteen years, it is an absolute pleasure to be able to stretch out and tell proper multi-page comic stories. And the story possibilities are endless in number with this huge and well-defined cast of characters.


I’ve been at this for a little over a year as of this writing. My first story, “The Sound and the Flurry,” appeared in Bart Simpson #52. Other stories include: “Pandora Jr.” (Simpsons Comics Get Some Fancy Book Learnin’),“The Mystery of the Pesky Desk” (Bart Simpson #53),“Dirty Laundry” (The Simpsons Summer Shindig #4), “Fortunate Son” (Bart Simpson #54), “Planet of the Plants,” “A Tomb with a View,” “Sleepless in Springfield,” “Pranks a Lot,” and a 25-page story titled “The Princess Principle,” which will appear soon in Bart Simpson #55. I did another full-length story for Simpsons Comics #170 called “The Generosity Gene,” which will be out in September.


Who is your favorite Bongo character in general?

I love MANY of them, but I relate most to Lisa. Creative nerd, social goof – I get it. I devoured the anarchy of early Warner Brothers cartoons; Lisa loves “Itchy & Scratchy.” She wants a pony; I grew up on horses. Lisa plays sax; I play concertina. Granted, we’re not doppelgangers, but if I were 8 years old, we’d be tight.


Okay, now who is your favorite Bongo character to write?

It may be a tie between Bart and Lisa, but the dopey Homer and the pompous Comic Book Guy are also fun to write. And Marge. And Maggie. And Nelson. Milhouse. SKINNER. Smithers. Burns. Krusty. Krabappel. I like them all.


And what character, if any, always poses a problem for you?

Bart is the hardest for me to draw, still. The simpler the character, the harder it is to draw because if you’re a hairline off, everyone can see it on such famous figures. Bill Morrison and Terry Delegeane gave me and other “indie” comics creators the leeway to draw in our own styles, but if something has a model sheet, I want to draw i