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By Rogers and Rodriguez


Fry’s skill at obsolete 20th century board games leads to a galaxy-crossing grudge match between the Planet Express crew and an alien culture built entirely on the rules of the games. However, the aliens like their competitions to be less Hungry Hungry Hippos and more Hunger Games! “Do not  pass ‘Go.’ Do not collect $200.” Fry, Bender and Leela are about to play the game of Life…and death!

By Boothby, Lloyd, and Pepoy


The stakes have never been higher when the Planet Express crew needs to deliver a check to an alien race to pay the Earth’s solar power bill. But it is going to take a little gamesmanship and even more dumb luck to prevent another planetary Ice Age. Fortunately, Bender and Fry have both…in spades.

By Boothby, Lloyd, Davis


Professor Farnsworth sends the Planet Express crew to Neptune to shut down Robot Santa’s naughty-or-nice tracking system, which is spreading embarrassing personal information about everyone across the Internet. However, an overload of so much secret information may very well destroy Earth unless Robot Santa can bring a little peace on Earth and goodwill to all men.

By Boothby, Rodriguez, Pepoy


The Planet Express crew makes a delivery to the robot pleasure planet of Shangri-linux, where the atmosphere is lethal to humans, and so Professor Farnsworth simply transfers  both Fry and Leela’s consciousness into robots that share their likeness. But everything starts to go awry when Bender realizes the unsuspecting and vacationing robots are being mindwiped and turned into slaves. Is it time for Bender to grow a conscience? Don’t bet on it.

The Futurama 2013 calendar is now available, but be forewarned; this calendar is for die-hard Futurama fans only!


A pin-up calendar based on the unsettlingly hilarious "Neutopia" episode from Futurama's sixth season, it's cheesecake as only the Planet Express crew could provide.


Enjoy 12 months of gender-bending strangeness as you...

...Survey a sexy Amy Wong.

...Give an alluring Leela the eye.

...Romp with a racy Dr. Zoidberg.

...Be seduced by the ample curves of Hermes Conrad.

...Cringe at the aging intimates of Professor Farnsworth.

...Gaze with wonder at Fry's bountiful bazooms.

Plus much too much more!


Believe it when we say it's the Planet Express crew as you've never seen them before!


For a peek at the calendar's bonus centerfold, check out the Bongo Comics Facebook post here.


The 2013 Futurama calendar is available in finer stores throughout the galaxy and can be ordered online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among others.


Don't blame us if your eyes burst into flame.

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