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By Boothby, Delaney, Pepoy


Bender takes charge of a bot scout troop, but after declaring that membership is for robots only, he is soon challenged by Leela’s all-girl, evil mutant troop. Not wanting to be left out, Fry forms a troop of his own…with himself as the only member! When Planet Express sponsors a field trip and delivery competition, Fry, Leela, and Bender set out to prove to each other who has the top troop!


Mark your calendars! Here are the dates on which you can find the following issues in comic book stores. Newsstand editions are generally available about 3 weeks later.


Milhouse #1 — May 2nd

Simpsons Illustrated #2 — May 2nd

Simpsons Comics #190 — May 16th

Bart Simpson #71 — May 23rd

Futurama Comics #61 — May 30th

Summer Shindig #6 — May 30th

By Boothby and Lloyd


Bender becomes the star of a hit TV show on which he terrifies the public with predictions about the imminent end of the world. Meanwhile, Fry and Leela work off an amusement park debt as carnies on the moon. And when a real threat to Earth appears on the horizon, Bender and the Planet Express crew must warn a wary and weary populace that has braced itself for disaster one too many times.

By Boothby, Rogers, Kazaleh, Lloyd


When Bender begins to feel jealous of Amy and Leela because they have parents, Professor Farnsworth builds two robot parents to make him happy. But it is not long before Bender bridles under his new parents strict rules and begins to behave like a rebellious teenager. To make matters worse, all of Professor Farnsworth’s doomsday devices have disappeared and the disgruntled robot is the number one suspect.

By McCann, Delaney, Pepoy


What would have happened if Fry traveled back in time 100 or so years to a sci-fi influenced, industrialized Victorian Age rather than three thousand years into the future? You are about to find out.

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