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By Aragonés, Bates, DiGerolamo, Lloyd, Matsumoto


Lisa leads Bart, Milhouse, Martin, Ralph, and Dolph through the perilous fantasy role-playing game Vikings & Vampires. Then, after being inspired by their favorite supernatural television show, Bart and Milhouse go monster hunting. Also, a new installment of “Maggie’s Crib.”

By Boothby, Ortiz, DeCarlo


Lisa attempts to get passes to the Karma-Con being held in Springfield, but it seems the harder she tries to enter the event, the more elusive it becomes. Meanwhile, Homer and Flanders make a small wager during a church fundraising event, but Homer soon finds himself in way over his head…and everybody else’s.

By Groening


Homer tries to strike it rich by forming his own boy band, but he must face the music when it becomes obvious that his five man crew has no discernable talent or singing ability, with one exception – the group’s breakout star, Ralph Wiggum! Then, Waylon Smithers, sychophantic lickspittle and lackey extraordinaire, squares off against Marge Simpson, loving mother and devoted wife in a domestic squabble for the love and devotion of one overweight and undeserving man! Also, Kent Brockman gets a special tribute and Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl tussle with the menace known as Snakeskin. (Collects Simpsons Comics #59 & 60)

By Aragonés, Kuper, Kupperberg, Lloyd


Now monthly! Mrs. Krabappel gives Bart a deceptively easy assignment; The Simpsons win a trip to Mexico and get lost in the jungle; and Bart decides to be a model citizen for a day…with devastating results.

By Boothby, DiGerolamo, Goldberg, Ho, Pepoy


After seeking respite in the tent of a fortune teller during the Springfield Renaissance Faire, Comic Book Guy is spellbound by a reading of his future where “Everything’s Bartchie!” (ourtesy of our special guest penciller, Marvel and Archie Comics artist extraordinaire, Stan Goldberg)! Also, “Angry Dad” meets the ATM!


By Ha/Cannon, Wiedlin/Hodges, Woodring


Prepare for a trilogy of Halloween treats in this year’s terrifying “Treehouse.” First, punk rock pixie and Go-Gos founding member Jane Wieldlin (Lady Robotika) leads Marge down the path of the walking dead; then, Zander Cannon and Gene Ha (Top Ten) offer up a remake, “Simpson”-style, of the classic horror flick “Nosferatu;” and finally, indie artist Jim Woodring (Jim) helps Bart uncover the truth behind the biggest mystery in the history of horror comics.


By Aragonés, Dorkin, Seidman, Yambar, Dyer, Lloyd, Matsumoto


Now monthly! Bart, Milhouse, and Martin pull their resources together to buy a brand-new model kit that brings them together in more ways than one. Then, Principal Skinner and Bart enter into a war of words…sprayed on school property. In another tale, when Bart is assigned the task of interviewing a notable local resident, he chooses Hans Moleman. Also, “Maggie’s Crib.”

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