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By Verrone, Rodriguez, Davis


Who splotches the Splotchmen? Following an attack on Springfield’s most famous comedian, Springfield’s past and present costumed heroes (Pie Man, Cupcake Kid, Dr. New Haven, Pastry Face, the Original Collector, French Silk Spectre and more) must work together to thwart a highly unstable, cream-filled plot to broker a peace with their town rival, Shelbyville.

By Aragonés, McCann, Dorkin, Barta, Dyer


Bart Simpson goes monthly! Now you can enjoy everyone’s favorite bad boy every month at your local comic store and newsstand! In this month’s issue Bart learns a life lesson from Apu,and spends a little quality time with Maggie. Also, teenagers Homer and Barney find themselves caught in the middle of a zombie movie.

By Duggan, Ortiz, Lay


When Lenny discovers a way to happiness through involvement in a new self-help movement called Scifiometry, Homer and his fellow barflies are determined to save their pal from financial and spiritual ruin.

By Matt Groening


No one is safe and everyone is fair game as the Prince of Pranks, Bart Simpson, unloads his bag of tricks on his unsuspecting friends and family. First, Springfield Elementary will never be the same when Bart replaces Seymour Skinner as principal. Then, things get out of control and oversized when Bart gets his hands on Professor Frink’s newest invention, the Embigulator. Add in a new installment of Bart’s comic creation Angry Dad and a plot to make Ralph Wiggum the most feared kid on campus, and Bart Simpson, Prince of Pranks, will have you howling with laughter all the way to the Principal’s Office!

By Houlihan, Lay, McGreal


The Simpsons spin a series of summertime stories: first, Homer and the barflies battle marauding  wild beasts as members of the Springfield Bear Patrol; then, fearing the planet is on the brink of destruction, Lisa, Bart, and the rest of the children of Springfield, are determined to retain and remember what is most important to them––the collected cartoon catalog of “The Itchy & Scratchy Show”––before the world comes to an end; finally, Homer gives new meaning to the term “traveling light” when he takes on airplane weight restrictions by starting his own airline.

By Rogers, Costanza, Novin


Sideshow Bob is chosen for a new prison program to relocate inmates to a penal colony on the moon, but when the launch goes awry, an amnesiac Bob wanders Springfield, mistaken for a space alien and seeking vengeance on one individual….Bart Simpson! (Whoever that is.)

By Dixon, Ortiz, Rote


There’s a new cat lady in town, and her name is…Lisa Simpson! Hoping to pad her college-bound resume with community service, Lisa lends a helping hand to Eleanor Abernathy (aka The Cat Lady) only to find that the feline-friendly female has gone missing. Soon, Lisa becomes responsible for the care and well-being of the wacky woman’s whole kit and kaboodle of kitty cats.

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