Bongo Blog

Who are you and what have you done for Bongo?

I'm James W. Bates. Since 1998 I've written for Bongo. I started with the comic strips for The Times of London and moved on to writing Bart Simpson and Simpsons Comics.


Who is your favorite Bongo character in general?

Who doesn't love Ralph Wiggum? Yes, his schtick has been overused by now, but there's a purity to his goofiness that you have to love.


Okay, now who is your favorite Bongo character to write?

I have found that I like writing Lisa. At first I pitched Lisa stories as a strategy to get a pitched approved because I doubted many other writers dared to move away from Homer and/or Bart. But, IMHO, Lisa is the emotional center of the family and writing her stories tend to give even a short comic more depth.


And what character, if any, always poses a problem for you?

Web critics occasionally say every character! Ouch. To answer the question, I don't love or feel comfortable writing Professo