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by Boothby, Kazaleh, Pepoy


After blowing up the Earth…well, actually an Earth-sized fast food restaurant, Fry is sentenced to work off the damages, only to discover that he has a special talent for worldwide fast food delivery techniques in a story we call…”Do You Want Fry with That?”


By Rogers, Kazaleh, Lloyd, and Pepoy


Do androids dream of one-eyed, mutant, space pilots? And after dreaming about them, are they willing to sell those space pilots on the interplanetary black market as pets? And once they sell them,  as pets to a distant culture that seeks glory by winning the Westministeria Pet Show, are the space pilots’ friends  prepared  to save said space pilots from being named “Best of Breed”? Ask no further. All of your silly questions will soon be answered. Also: When Kif Kroker earns a promotion, Zapp Brannigan takes extreme measures to make sure Kif’s new command becomes his last patrol.


By Rogers, Kazaleh, and Pepoy


A volatile cargo, a damaged ship, no food or water or means of communication to the outside world, and a renegade group of cannibalistic robots are all part of the Planet Express crew’s latest mission. And this time it looks like Professor Farnsworth will be paying his employees in wages of fear!

By Rogers, Delaney, Kazaleh, Davis, Pepoy


Looking to put the shine back in his shiniest body part, Bender undergoes a series of robotic enhancements. However, one nip here and one tuck there prove not to be enough for the rejuvenated robot, and before long he is on a path to destruction. Also, Zapp Brannigan shows his mettle and earns a medal. Plus, this issue features the third of six awesome Futurama posters, suitable for unfolding.

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