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By Groening


No power on Earth can contain the explosive popularity of “The Simpsons.” Ride the shockwaves as Mr. Burns takes the Simpsons on a South Seas adventure in search of lost treasure. Hold onto your seat as Homer illuminates the intimate relationship between a man and his sofa. Watch Marge eclipse the hard-nosed news reporter Kent Brockman with her eternally optimistic worldview. And join Lisa as she fills the massive void of art and culture in Springfield by convening the monthly book club. The world’s funniest family will lift you up and leave you weightless with levity.*


(* Levity is subject to the Laws of Nature and cannot actually defy gravity.)



Mark your calendars! Here are the dates on which you can find the following issues in comic book stores. Newsstand editions are generally available about 3 weeks later.


SpongeBob Comics #16 — January 9th

Simpsons Comics #198 — January 16th

Bart Simpson #79 — January 23rd

Simpsons Comics Supernova TPB — January 23rd

Futurama Comics #65 — January 30th

Simpsons Illustrated #5 — January 30th

By Boothby, Dixon, Matsumoto, Rodriguez, Pepoy


Bartman discovers a Japanese comic book at the Android’s Dungeon depicting some of his greatest exploits in manga form. And then, in a crisis of discontinuous continuities, Plasmo taps into a neighboring dimension to find a replacement for a fallen Superior Squad comrade, causing a calamitous chain reaction and a world overpopulated with duplicate heroes and villains.

By Boothby, Rankine, Zakour, Delaney, Ortiz, DeCarlo, Pepoy


Bartman tangles with a new villain when a bleary-eyed Kwik-E clerk has a freak accident with a hot dog warmer, transforming him into the eight-baby-wielding Dr. Octuplets. Then, the Springfield Elementary girl’s basketball team is headed for the city championship until its star player, Lisa Simpson, gets injured. How far will Principal Skinner go to beat the team from Shelbyville?

By Boothby, Ortiz, DeCarlo


Krusty the Clown considers torching one of his KrustyBurger restaurants for the insurance money until Homer comes up with a new burger for the chain that becomes a huge success. Meanwhile, Marge, concerned that Maggie is not talking yet, enrolls her daughter in an expensive preschool that guarantees results.


By Bonham, Brill, Davison, Rankine, Rogers, Yambar, Costanza, Kazaleh, Matsumoto, Ortiz


Springfield is ready to celebrate the holiday season, but the weather just isn't cooperating, and it’s up to Lisa to find out what's keeping winter away. Then, all the girls at Springfield Elementary try to capture Bart beneath the mistletoe and steal a Christmas kiss. Will they succeed or will Bart remain cootie-free? And when Homer once again ruins Ned Flanders annual holiday party, Ned is pushed past his breaking point. Can Homer make amends or is this the end of their relationship? Finally, during a snowball fight gone awry Bart, Milhouse, and Martin find themselves caught in a trap set by Jimbo and his cronies. Can Bart and his friends turn the tables on their tormentors? Plus: 3 more helpings of the questionably accurate “Grampa’s Christmas Origins” and a toasty Itchy & Scratchy treat.


By Boothby, Miller, Delaney, Lloyd, Pepoy


Bart and Ralph are teamed together as part of a new program called Kid Cops, but when it comes down to it–which one is the good cop and which one is the bad cop? Then, Bart partners up with Larry H. Lawyer and sues a comic book company over truth in comic book advertising, and that’s just the beginning of a civil suit that’s anything but civil.


By Boothby, Costanza, Novin


After going to a used book sale at the library, Homer and Lisa take some books to the Springfield Retirement Castle, where Grampa reads to them from The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde. However, without his missing glasses, Grampa’s take on the Irish poet and playwright’s fairy stories become truly wild indeed.

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