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By Dixon, Ortiz, DeCarlo


Bart becomes an Internet sensation after being filmed while donning a wig and performing for his friends at Springfield Elementary. Little does he know it will all lead to fame, fortune, and the all-you-can-eat backstage buffet as he becomes the new (female?) pop diva sensation…Torie Missouri!

By McGreal, Rogers, Verrone, Davis, Kazaleh, Lloyd, Matsumoto, Ortiz, DeCarlo, Pepoy, Rote


Celebrate the winter break with a healthy helping of Simpsons stories. First, Mr. Burns jacks up the cost of power in Springfield with alarming results. Then Homer wins a ski trip from Duff Beer but can’t decide whether to take his family or his bar buddies. Also, witness the effects of flu and cold season as it spreads through Springfield. And has Principal Skinner discovered a way to end Snow Days forever?  Finally, Homer finds a potential gold mine in the debris of a crashed airplane…a shipment of KrustyBurger’s new secret sauce!

Matt Groening will be signing copies of the SIMPSONS WORLD The Ultimate Episode Guide on Wednesday, November 17th @ 7 PM, at Barnes and Noble store at The Grove, in Los Angeles. This is a WRIST-BANDED EVENT, and according to Barnes and Noble, wristbands will be distributed on Wednesday, November 17th beginning at 9:00 AM. Please check with Barnes and Noble for details. Barnes and Noble store at The Grove, 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90036. Phone: 323-525-0270.

By Barr, Costanza, Novin


Homer’s get rich scheme to sell Christmas trees runs afoul of conservative Birch Barlow, who’s also looking to cash in on the commercialization of the festive holiday with his inspiring rant about the “War on Christmas.”

By Boothby, Delaney, Davis


Hold onto your official limited edition replica Thor helmets, true believers! The comic book you’ve been waiting for is finally on sale this week! Critics agree that Comic Book Guy the Comic Book #5 is the last issue of a five-part mini-series! All will be revealed in the startling and life-affirming conclusion to the epic "The Death of Comic Book Guy!" saga, and everything will go back to the way it was before we had the audacity to mess with The Simpsons status quo... or will it? Get thee to a comic book emporium near you and find out!


From animated cartoon shorts to full-length episodes, “The Simpsons” has entertained, enlightened, and embiggened the world for more than twenty years. No television program has managed to satirize society, impact popular culture, nurture the imaginations of multiple generations, rewrite the rules of scripted comedy, inflame sentiments, cross the proverbial line, enrage its critics, embrace morality, reflect humanity, become an international phenomenon, and just plain make people laugh quite like “The Simpsons,” and there is no end in sight for this historic  series.


SIMPSONS WORLD The Ultimate Episode Guide is a cromulent compendium of the creative innovations that have made and continue to make Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson the iconic and ideal family to the world at large. This 1,200-page, full color assemblage of every episode from the first twenty seasons includes thorough episode synopses, famous quotes and quips from all your favorite characters, memorable moments, over four hundred character profiles, every song ever sung by the citizens of Springfield, every “D’oh” or “Mmm...” Homer has ever uttered, every chalkboard phrase Bart has ever written, every couch gag, every marquee message outside of the First Church of Springfield, a complete filmography of “Itchy & Scratchy,” a tribute to star of stage and screen (and infomercial and filmstrip) Troy McClure, the largest collection of Krusty the Clown merchandise outside of Bart’s bedroom, a barrage of your favorite sight gags as well as those you may have missed, trivia galore, a complete list of celebrity guest stars, and much, much more. Packaged together in the ultimate wraparound slip case and weighing in at almost 10 pounds, SIMPSONS WORLD The Ultimate Episode Guide is pound for pound and page for page the fullest and funniest book on the face of the Earth.


Matt Groening, creator of “The Simpsons,” presents an all-encompassing encyclopedia and lovingly assembled lexicon that puts the whole Simpsons world in your hands and everything you ever wanted to know about the longest-running animated show and sitcom in television history at your fingertips.


‘Tis the season for a holly jolly jubilee of winter wonderment from Matt Groening, the naughty but nice creator of The Simpsons. Join in the frosty fun and prepare to be wassailed with letters to Santa, hot cider, Christmas angels, Hanukkah gifts, New Year resolutions, one-eyed snowmen, snowboarder lingo, red-nosed rein-dogs, ill-conceived Christmas specials, and half-baked holiday hibernation diets. Glad tidings of great joy…it’s The Simpsons Homer for the Holidays.

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