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By Boothby, Dorkin, Rankine, Aragones, DiGerolamo

Cover by Bill Morrison


Bongo celebrates its 20th year and landmark 200th issue of Simpsons Comics with an extra-special, supersized story about (what else?) the bicentennial celebration of the history of Springfield. Witness the heretofore untold and influential past of the town that’s affectionately become known as “America’s crudbucket,” and find out from tales of its fantastic forefathers to its civil war to its fight for civil rights why the worst city in the country is also its funniest! And, as they say...much, much more! 

Simpsons Comics #127 and Super Spectacular #10 can be downloaded for your viewing pleasure via the Simpsons Comics App and at

Simpsons Comics #150 and Bart Simpson #8 can be downloaded for your viewing pleasure via the Simpsons Comics App and at

Bart Simpson #79 and Simpsons Comics #198 can be downloaded for your viewing pleasure via the Simpsons Comics App and at

By Rogers, Lay, DiGerolamo, Rankine, Kazaleh, Matsumoto


In a stunning shift of power, the sons of The Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club associates (aka the Mafia) move-in on the “bully” trade at Springfield Elementary, and they have their sights set on recruiting Bart Simpson as their newest member. In other tales, Homer tries to make up to Maggie by offering her the Moon, Milhouse imagines himself on the plains of Africa, and Professor Frink pays an unexpected visit to the Simpsons household.

By Dixon, Ortiz, DeCarlo


Inspired by the current crop of trash-to-treasure reality shows, Homer raids the family storage unit looking for a valuable artifact. However, Homer is about to find out that his road to riches is paved with a lot of worthless junk.

Mark your calendars! Here are the dates on which you can find the following issues in comic book stores. Newsstand editions are generally available about 3 weeks later.


SpongeBob Comics #17 — February 13th

Mylo Xyloto #1 — February 13th

Simpsons Comics #199 — February 20th

Bart Simpson #80 — February 27th

Professor Frink #1 — February 27th



By Groening


No power on Earth can contain the explosive popularity of “The Simpsons.” Ride the shockwaves as Mr. Burns takes the Simpsons on a South Seas adventure in search of lost treasure. Hold onto your seat as Homer illuminates the intimate relationship between a man and his sofa. Watch Marge eclipse the hard-nosed news reporter Kent Brockman with her eternally optimistic worldview. And join Lisa as she fills the massive void of art and culture in Springfield by convening the monthly book club. The world’s funniest family will lift you up and leave you weightless with levity.*


(* Levity is subject to the Laws of Nature and cannot actually defy gravity.)



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