Bongo Blog

By Lash and Galvan


Ripped from the headlines of Playbill magazine, a cautionary tale of superhero mega-musicals gone awry! When Claude Kane III is approached to finance a singing spectacular based on the exploits of Radioactive Man, he soon finds himself doing double duty while trying to save the production from a director whose vision can’t be contained, a rock ‘n’ roll composer whose ego needs to be kept in check, and a budget that continues to skyrocket, along with protecting the helpless cast and crew caught in the middle.

By Aragonés, Gimple, Rogers, Kazaleh, Lloyd


Maggie goes to work with Homer and manages to save his bacon and his job. Then, inspired by Professor Frink and encouraged by Lisa, Marge attempts to remake her household into a green-friendly environment. Finally, Lisa suffers from amnesia after a bump on the head and Bart tries to convince her that she had a previous reputation as a troublemaker. Also: a new installment of “Maggie’s Crib.”

By Aragones, Boothby, Dorkin, Dyer, Verrone, Barta and Lloyd


Maestro of MADness Sergio Aragones creates a chaotic comic cover and three talented teams of writers and artist provide three wildly different and equally hilarious stories that explain what it all means. It’s three comics in one!


By Aragonés, Davison, Lay, McGreal,  Rogers, Yambar, Kazaleh, Matsumoto, Ortiz, Novin


Bart makes an important archaeological discovery when he finds a frozen caveman in Lake Springfield. And after a mail order mix-up, Homer’s Christmas gifts to the family get delivered to different residences throughout Springfield with surprising results. Then, Grampa Simpson explains the origins of eggnog, Christmas cards, and Santa’s milk and cookies. Next, Bart tries to make some holiday cash by shoveling snow outside of Moe’s Tavern. Finally, Homer has a billion dollar idea that will revolutionize wintertime play for kids, but will he be able to cash in? 


By Aragonés, Bates, DiGerolamo, Lloyd, Matsumoto


Lisa leads Bart, Milhouse, Martin, Ralph, and Dolph through the perilous fantasy role-playing game Vikings & Vampires. Then, after being inspired by their favorite supernatural television show, Bart and Milhouse go monster hunting. Also, a new installment of “Maggie’s Crib.”

By Boothby, Ortiz, DeCarlo


Lisa attempts to get passes to the Karma-Con being held in Springfield, but it seems the harder she tries to enter the event, the more elusive it becomes. Meanwhile, Homer and Flanders make a small wager during a church fundraising event, but Homer soon finds himself in way over his head…and everybody else’s.

By Groening


Homer tries to strike it rich by forming his own boy band, but he must face the music when it becomes obvious that his five man crew has no discernable talent or singing ability, with one exception – the group’s breakout star, Ralph Wiggum! Then, Waylon Smithers, sychophantic lickspittle and lackey extraordinaire, squares off against Marge Simpson, loving mother and devoted wife in a domestic squabble for the love and devotion of one overweight and undeserving man! Also, Kent Brockman gets a special tribute and Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl tussle with the menace known as Snakeskin. (Collects Simpsons Comics #59 & 60)

By Aragonés, Kuper, Kupperberg, Lloyd


Now monthly! Mrs. Krabappel gives Bart a deceptively easy assignment; The Simpsons win a trip to Mexico and get lost in the jungle; and Bart decides to be a model citizen for a day…with devastating results.

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