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Bongo has a ton of goodies to share with our fans at Comic-Con this year.


• First, we’ve been talking up our Radioactive Man: Radioactive Repository, Volume One hardcover trade a lot over the last couple months, and we encourage every fan of the Nuclear Knight to check out the limited “glow-in-the-dark” edition available only at the Bongo booth in San Diego. This handsome 272-pg volume radiates its own greenish glow as only a book about the most famous superhero of the Plutonium Age of comics can. Signed copies by Matt Groening are available on a limited  basis for $50. Unsigned copies are selling for $30.


• Every four years, athletes from all around the world compete to uphold the spirit of competition and the test the limits of human ability and endurance. And this the year that Bart Simpson  to write a report all about it. Have you ever wondered how the ancient Olympic games began, or what sports Olympians first competed in, or why athletes competed in the nude? Well, Bart has all the answers to those questions and many more. We’re not saying he’s right, but when has that stopped him? We're offering Bart’s unique appreciation of the ancient Olympics with The Simpsons Go for the Gold. This book is only available at the San Diego Comic-Convention International (and may not be available for another four years) with signed copies by Matt Groening available on a limited basis for $20 and unsigned copies for $10.


• Also, for the diehard Milhouse fans out there, we are offering a limited number of “Milhouse Packs." These include a copy of Bart Simpson’s Pal Milhouse #1, a Milhouse fan, an extra “Thrillhouse” decal, and a special, limited edition print signed by artists Jason Ho and Serban Cristecu ($20)


• Finally, Coldplay fans are in for a special treat. Bongo has teamed up with the band and Mark Osborne (Kung Fu Panda) to present a six-issue miniseries that tells the epic story behind the story of the platinum-selling album Mylo Xyloto. We've got the very first issue months before the series debuts, complete with a variant cover that won't be available in stores. Get it and you might find yourself “dreaming of paradise.” ($5) We'll have more info on this special project in the next few days!


Add in to the mix a Futurama poster exclusive ($5) and we've got something for everyone!



We scanned the pencil art into the computer and Serban created a file with multiple layers. This was done so he could paint one part of the image without effecting the rest of it. You can see that there was a layer for each element of the pin-up, and each one had a temporary color to distinguish it from the others. This also allowed him to separate the line art on to its own layer, so that none of it would be lost in the coloring process (our normal coloring process works similarly to this).



In the background, Serban chose a fiery palette to set the tone. In the foreground, he started to establish the placement of light and shadow. For example, take a look at the Ogre in the lower right: the front of his body would be hit by light, and the back of his body would be in shadow. The hordes of monsters in the background however, would remain completely silhouetted.



This is where Serban jumped right in to the deep end of the process! He picked out colors for everything (except Milhouse himself) and started rendering in earnest. Note the multiple levels of rich shading added to the moons. And the red-hot highlight on the edge of the cliff helps tie in the fiery backdrop.



The rendering is just about finished--all that's left is Milhouse's axe. This image depicts the colors with the line art layer turned off, so we can see the vibrant colors on their own.



Serban puts down some line work to accentuate the details, and creates a layer of foggy mist which adds even more depth to the piece, and accentuates the eerie mood of the colors.


Behold! The finished product!


As a final touch, we dropped in the real world Milhouse (and Puppy Goo-Goo!), who were inked and colored in the usual manner. The juxtaposition of the two styles helps contrast Milhouse's fantasy life from his real life.


And that, my friends, is how we do it here in the House of Bongo. Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed these looks at our creative process!


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