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Hold on to your ->Glavin!<- Springfield’s mad scientist, Professor John Frink, debuts in his own Simpsons One-Shot Wonder with a special blend of chemistry and comedy. First, Professor Frink creates a "Cool Formula" that gets accidentally dumped into the Springfield reservoir, turning every resident of Springfield into a swingin’ ‘60s Vegas-style hipster. Frink must enlist the help of the town's few remaining nerds to set things right. Will they make like the Pied Piper and drive the "Rat Pack" out of town? Then, Frink's study of the beloved three-eyed fish, Blinky, results in a plague of biblical proportions. Soon, voracious three-eyed mutant fish beasts overrun the entire town of Springfield! Can Professor Frink find a solution to science run amuck? And a routine science demonstration goes horribly awry and Professor Frink finds himself trapped between dimensions with local troublemaker Bart Simpson. Can they navigate this strange otherworld and get back safely before the end of sixth period?   We vote "yes!" Plus more fun surprises of sight and ->Ng-Hey!<- sound!