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For those of you following our Ralph Wiggum #1 contest, the final variant cover hits newsstands today! That's five out of five! 


A winner will soon arise…why not make it you? 


And for those of you not following the contest, why the heck not?


Grab this opportunity to be immortalized Simpsons-style in the pages of your favorite Bongo comic!

By Aragonés, Lay, McCann, Trainor, Kazaleh, Lloyd


In the first of Bongo Comics’ soon to be legendary Simpsons One-Shot Wonders, Ralph Wiggum takes center stage. In his first solo outing, Ralph has a day off of school, is left home alone, and becomes a role model to a new kid in town.  Add in some short features by Sergio Aragonés and watch the chaos ensue.

by Aragonés, Lay, Shaw!


Now monthly! Bart tells Ralph Wiggum a tale of comic book mail-order products gone awry, while Lisa teaches Homer a cautionary lesson about the good and bad effects of going green. Also, “Maggie’s Crib.”

Matt Groening will be signing copies of the SIMPSONS WORLD The Ultimate Episode Guide on Wednesday, November 17th @ 7 PM, at Barnes and Noble store at The Grove, in Los Angeles. This is a WRIST-BANDED EVENT, and according to Barnes and Noble, wristbands will be distributed on Wednesday, November 17th beginning at 9:00 AM. Please check with Barnes and Noble for details. Barnes and Noble store at The Grove, 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90036. Phone: 323-525-0270.

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