Bongo Blog

Comic-Con 2013 is almost upon us! Tonight is Preview Night, giving the thousands of fans a taste of the excitement to come this weekend!  


If you’re a cool Bongo fan looking to stay even cooler, stop by the Bongo Booth (#2519), say “Boo-urns” and pick up an excellent Mr. Burns fan! 


Hope to see you all there!


What’s the only thing that can make Bongo’s One-Shot Wonders even better? That’s right! Two One-Shot Wonders in One! This exclusive comic collects The Malevolent Mr. Burns #1 and Professor Frink’s Fantastic Science Fictions #1! Plus, we’ll throw in the Fruit Bat Man mask and the Frink-o-matic 3D glasses! Get the exclusive edition at the Bongo Booth (#2519) before it’s too late!

I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready for a Comic-Con exclusive SpongeBob SquarePants Poster! This awesome 16" x 24"  poster features Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy, and the rest of the Aquatic Adventurers! This is only available at the Bongo Comics booth (#2519), so hop a ride on a seahorse and snag a copy!


Good news, everyone! Bongo will have exclusive Futurama swag for sale at San Diego Comic Con!  


“Futurama Comics to Infinity!” is a 104-page trade paperback of never-before-collected stories!


We’ve also got another “Girls of Futurama” pin-up! This 12” x 24” 2014 calendar features Leela and Amy in their traditional Oktoberfest garb!


These are only available at Comic Con, so stop by the Bongo booth (#2519), tell us to shut up and take your money, and pick up a copy!


Hey Bongoheads! The summer is here, which means it’s time to head down San Diego way to a place called Comic-Con International! Join the fun from Wednesday, July 17 (Preview Night), through Sunday, July 21.


If you’re one of the lucky attendees, come stop by the Bongo booth (#2519) to hobnob with the artists, writers, and staffers who make Bongo Comics possible!  


The Bongo Turns 20/United Plankton Swimtacular panel will be held Thursday, July 18, at 11am in Room 9.  


The Futurama panel will be held Saturday, July 20, at 12pm in Ballroom 20.


And then stick around right after at 12:45pm for the Simpsons Panel, also in Ballroom 20.


Hope to see you there!