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By Nathan Kane, John Delaney, Andrew Pepoy


You Only Die Once! Springfield’s #1 box office draw finally gets top billing on the Simpsons One-Shot Wonders marquee! Many of you may know him as the muscle-bound strongman turned action star Rainier Wolfcastle, but the world (as if that wasn’t enough) knows him simply by one name…McBain! Never Say One-Shot Again!

By Tom Gammill, Alice Gammill, Phil Ortiz, Mike DeCarlo


Mr. Burns is all-aglow with a newfound popularity when his “My Size Burnsie” doll becomes the most sought after toy in Springfield! And the townsfolks are also all-aglow when they discover that their new luminescent figurines just happen to be…radioactive!

By James Bates, Ian Boothby, Earl Kress, James Lloyd, Phil Ortiz, Mike DeCarlo, Andrew Pepoy, Mike Rote


Explore the facts, the failures, and the foibles of the busiest, bureaucratic business in Springfield…the Unemployment Office! Every citizen has a tale to tell. Then, Bart is mistaken for a big ugly fish…the Feios Peixes Grande, and has to run for his life from a crew of revenge-obsessed sailors. And finally, after winning a free trip from Krusty the Clown, Bart manages to wreak havoc on an airplane and create his own “No Fly Zone.”

By Max Davison, Michael Saikan, Mike Kazaleh


Milhouse sends Bart off and running on a wild goose chase for “cyber” zoo animals run amuck. Then, Bart has a plan of his own to get Lisa’s goat when he poses as a pen pal from a distant land.

By Ian Boothby, Max Davison, Paul Kupperberg, Phil Ortiz, Mike DeCarlo


Springfield is hit by the biggest snowstorm in history and becomes buried under 20 feet of snow. See how the citizens thrive and survive by building an intricate system of tunnels to help them go about their daily lives. Then, there must have been some magic in that new cosmic ray that Prof. Frink invented, because once he points it at Bart’s snowman…the juvenile jokester has a brand-new friend named Snowmer! And when Comic Book Guy unearths a videotape recording of the nearly forgotten 1979 “Radioactive Man Holiday Special” you’ll be wishing the yuletide classic was but a distant holiday memory…never to be revisited. And if that was not enough, Homer, Principal Skinner, Snake, and Duffman team-up for a Christmas caper on behalf of the capo di tutti, Fat Tony!

By Matt Groening  & Misc.


Bongo presents an explosive, annual comic collection in a dynamite new format – an oversized, 96-page trade paperback with loads of highly-charged, Simpson-sational stories from cover to cover. In a tale neither fit for man nor animal, Homer Simpson becomes television’s newest reality star as his bottomless appetite and cast iron stomach are put to the test and pushed to the limits week after week on “Man Vs. Beast Vs. Food.” Bart and Ralph are teamed together as part of a new program called Kid Cops, but when it comes down to it–which one is the good cop, and which one is the bad cop? Professor Frink designs a robot based on Bart that is the perfect prankster, making Bart obsolete. (Can Springfield’s original jokester fight the future?) Then the subhuman grade cuisine in the Springfield Elementary cafeteria is replaced by the best that the school food service industry has to offer, making the students healthier and smarter and leading to one thing…world domination! (And you thought we were going to say better state test scores.) And with a little help from Lisa...Homer is on the road to a promotion at the nuclear power plant. Finally Bart and Milhouse take to the high seas when they stowaway on Captain McCallister’s boat and set sail for exotic ports. (Oh…did we forget to mention the mutiny?) This bountiful and bomb-tastic annual will blow your mind to smithereens!

By Ian Boothby, Phil Ortiz, Mike DeCarlo


What Would Homer Do? Now all you need to do is ask your smart phone’s personal assistant and navigating system, and you, too, can be like Homer Simpson! And with everyone going around town asking WWHD?, Homer is having an identity crisis of his own. And if that wasn’t enough, Marge finds a new calling as the new Springfield Courthouse sketch artist.

By Ian Boothby, Thomas Lennon, Daniel Brereton, Jim Mahfood, Tone Rodriguez, Andrew Pepoy


First, Ned Flanders travels through the pits of Hell when Rod and Todd are possessed by demons, turning Springfield upside down. Then follow Mr. Burns through the Amazonian rain forest as he goes in search of a fountain of youth elixir. And the Simpsons join a small resolute band of nine, all on a mission to rid Middle Earth of an unspeakable evil.

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