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By Max Davison, Rex Lindsey, Carol Lay


Bart pulls a prank on the entire town and discovers that the people he punked can be a lot more forgiving than he ever imagined…and now he has them right where he wants them.  Suckers! And when Bart injures his back and has to use a rolling backpack, he turns weakness into strength as the “Leader of the Backpack Pack.”

By James W. Bates, Nina Matsumoto


There’s a new comic convention coming to Springfield, and it’s Homer who’s going bananas over the chance to meet his favorite primetime primate TV star…Christmas Ape!

By Matt Groening


Ned Flanders goes on a road trip of self-discovery and while he’s away, Cletus and his kinfolk set-up housekeeping at the Flanderosa. It doesn’t take long before their backwoodsy ways have Homer fussin’ and a fixin’ for a feud. Then, while visiting Frink Labs, Bart uses the professor’s newest invention to do the family laundry, and soon the genetic material from the clothing melds with Frink’s concoction to create sentient metal creatures that resemble the Simpsons. Ultimately, it’s up to Bartman, along with the Metal Simpsons to clean up Homer’s latest mess at the nuclear power plant. Finally, Bart concocts an amusing Angry Dad adventure.

By Ian Boothby, Terry Delegeane, Rex Lindsey, Phil Ortiz, Mike Kazaleh, Dan Davis, Mike DeCarlo


One particular hot and boring summer day, Bart goes in search of adventure. Meanwhile, Radioactive Man crosses an entire universe to save Gloria Grand. Then, Grampa reminisces about a WWII air battle that is somewhat hindered and somehow helped by a little gremlin that looks an awful lot like Bart.

By Ian Boothby, Phil Ortiz, Mike DeCarlo


With a little help from Ned Flanders, the Simpsons go underground and incognito when Rex Banner returns to collect on Homer’s overdue student loans…and they somehow manage to remake themselves into a better family in the process.

By Shane Houghton, John Delaney, Andrew Pepoy


Power mad powerbroker Mr. Burns makes another power grab on the pocketbooks of the citizens of Springfield with his newest power-propelled product…the electric car! After all, those greenhorn Greenpeace-niks need some form of clean energy transportation to promote their anti-greenhouse gas activities that runs, of course, on electricity provided by the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant! Everyone is pretty happy about it, too…except for the Rich Texan, who discovers that Mr. Burns’ new vehicles are cutting into his copious crude oil cash reserves.

By Matt Groening


Homer chaperones Lisa’s class on an out-of-state field trip to one of our nation’s greatest museums, but along the way he commandeers the bus and takes the students on a tour of what can only be described as “Homer’s America.” And due to a near fatal injury, a little mail tampering, and the dastardly determination of one vengeful ventriloquist, Krusty the Clown loses all rights to his name, likeness, and persona…that is until he decides to “Do the Copyright Thing.” Then spring into action under the watchful eye and technological savvy of a secretive Lisa Simpson with one goal in mind...rescuing Bartman from the clutches of the Cat Lady Woman. And see Bart act as go-between for the lovelorn Milhouse and take on a short stint as an employee at the Kwik-E-Mart.

By Ian Boothby, Max Davison, Hilary Barta, Nina Matsumoto


Bart and Lisa discover that Springfield’s uber-sad sack, Hans Moleman, may not be who they think he is in “The Curious Case of Hans Moleman.” Then the Simpsons of Springfield meet their doppelgangers, the Simpkins from Capital City, and its worse than they ever expected.

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