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By Ian Boothby, Tony DiGerolamo, Mike Kazaleh, Rex Lindsey, Mike Rote


Bart is thrilled when a production of “Itchy & Scratchy Live” comes to town, but he is even more thrilled when the actor playing Itchy is injured, and he is asked to take his place. But it doesn't take long before the thrill is gone! And Springfield’s favorite bus driver and beer slinger pull a little job switcheroo and let their Freaky Friday flag fly.

By James M. Bates, Shane Houghton, Dean Rankine, Rex Lindsey, Patrick Owsley


Bart and Milhouse go on a treasure hunt through the trash of Springfield and get much more than they bargained for. Then, Homer tries to unlock the mystery of KrustyBurger's highly coveted and super tasty secret menu. Can he crack the code? And Itchy and Scratchy send up a galaxy far, far away.

By Sergio Aragones, Ian Boothby, Bill Morrison, Phil Ortiz, Tone Rodriguez, Mike DeCarlo, Andrew Pepoy


After being booted from the Pin Pals for conduct unbecoming a bowler, Homer finds himself being the newest member of Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney’s street bowling team. Meanwhile, the identity of El Barto is revealed…but Bart is none too happy when the attention and notoriety of Springfield’s greatest graffiti artist is lavished on the wrong person. Then, Homer goes head to head with national security in “The Simpsons Project.” And discover the true and completely non-derivative origin of Radioactive Man!

By Max Davison, Michael Saikin, Corey Barba, Mike Kazaleh, Phil Ortiz, Mike DeCarlo


Lisa comes to Moe’s defense, when he lands in jail, by starting a podcast demanding his release, but before long everyone in Springfield has a podcast of their own. Then, Lisa’s slumber party takes a turn for the supernatural.

By Ian Boothby, Nathan Kane, Nina Matsumoto, Andrew Pepoy


“Bart’s Odyssey” Bart Simpson turns 100! When Homer is put in charge of security for Mr. Burns’ secret R&D division, he inadvertently unleashes a series of events that threaten Springfield’s very existence! If that’s not bad enough, an all-too-familiar evil from Springfield’s distant future arrives amid the chaos to stake his claim! But wait! Yet another mysterious figure from the future travels back to a current-day Springfield with the town on the brink of destruction! Will this stranger aid the embattled citizens in their darkest hour or make them eat his shorts? Join Bart Simpson’s centennial celebration, capping off its illustrious and illustrated run with a final issue (for now)! It’s a 48-page senses-shattering sendoff that will shake Springfield and Simpsons fans to the core!

By Max Davison, Tony DiGerolamo, John Zakour, Matt Hebb, Phil Ortiz, Bobby Timony, Mike DeCarlo, Mike Rote


A trilogy of tales top this title this month. First, Lisa, of all people, gets her own “…the Clown” show. Then, the bullies take you on a cinema verité “day in the life.” And, finally, just for the heck of it, a Fat Tony/ Mayor Quimby team-up! Fugged…er,ah…aboudit!

By Ian Boothby, Tony DiGerolamo, Michael Nobori, Hilary Barta, Joey Nilges, Phil Ortiz, Phyllis Novin, Patrick Owsley


Wanting to be more inspiring role model to her children, Marge gives up her apron for academia. Lisa is inspired, indeed, and undertakes the tutelage of Maggie. But Maggie’s favor becomes a point of contention between Bart and Lisa who have a battle of the brains over their power-shifting sibling. And when Professor Frink’s Embigulator goes missing, it is all but certain the culprit is Bart Simpson. The only question is…who will be embiggened! And finally, Milhouse gets a new look for School Picture Day!

By Carol Lay, Dean Rankine, Michael Saikin


Are we there yet? Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?!! Homer drops Bart and Lisa off at an amusement park for the day, but it’s not until he is long gone that they realize that the park is abandoned and that their thirst for adventure is about to be replaced by the threat of survival. Then Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse find themselves at the end of their rope…if only they can find a way to turn back the clock!

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