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By Ian Boothby, Dean Rankine, Michael Saikin, Rex Lindsey, Mike Rote


During a family trip to the science museum, Homer takes a fantastic voyage that he’ll not soon forget; Milhouse goes on an adventure of his own after suffering from Squishee brain freeze; and Ned Flanders reveals “The Seven Diddly Sins.”

By Justin Hook, Dean Rankine. Rex Lindsey, Mike Rote


Homer finds a tasty treat that enables him to unleash100% of his brain’s unlimited potential…for a limited time. Meanwhile, Marge goes in search of a new vacuum cleaner.

By Ian Boothby, Len Wein, Dan Brereton, James, Lloyd, Nina Matsumoto, Andrew Pepoy


After being sentenced to serve detention in the old library in the subterranean bowels at Springfield Elementary, Bart discovers The Book of the Dead and accidentally unleashes the Cthulhu on an unsuspecting Springfield. Then, Homer and Bart must protect the nuclear power plant from a zombie invasion. And as if one ghostly book wasn’t enough, Bart comes into possession of an evil journal that spells doom for anyone whose name is written into it. Purchase this diabolical comic at your own risk!

By James Bates, Ian Boothby, Terry Delegeane, Tony DiGerolamo, Jacob Chabot, Rex Lindsey, Phil Ortiz, Tone Rodriguez, Patrick Owsley, Andrew Pepoy, Mike Rote


First of all, Bongo invites everyone to visit the Retirement Castle of the Vampires! Really…even your older, bloodsucking relatives need some attention. (Visiting hours are from 9 to 6.) Then, former couple Lisa and Nelson team-up to investigate paranormal activity at Springfield Elementary, prompting them to open…The Ex-Files! And something’s really strange in the neighborhood when the Ghost Bashers come to town.

By Ian Boothby, Max Davison, Matt Hebb, Nina Matsumoto, Mike Rote


Mayor Quimby turns Springfield’s superheroes against one another when he offers a reward to costumed crusaders who reveal their secret identities, leading Bartman and Houseboy to take different sides in an “uncivil” war. Then Duff Industries develops a new energy drink, and with a new marketing campaign comes the need for a new mascot. Oh yeah! It’s Homer Simpson’s time to shine.

By Ian Boothby, Evan Dorkin, Eric Rogers, Chris Yambar, James Lloyd, Kim Narsete, Phil Ortiz, Mike DeCarlo, Shane Glines, Mike Rote


Mr. Burns tricks the “unsinkable” Homer Simpson into swimming the toxic waste-filled Springfield Channel as a publicity stunt. But what’s a dip in the water without a little childhood trauma and a killer whale out to settle an old score? Then, Lisa rises to the challenge when she attempts to solve the mystery of a missing ice cream truck, and Bart enters into a summer school showdown with Kearney. 

By Tony DiGerolamo, Dean Rankine, Michael Saikin, Jacob Chabot, Phil Ortiz


Bart and Milhouse start their own leaf raking business. Will it be a success? The answer is blowin’ in the wind! And then because of a freak accident, Lisa develops synesthesia, which enables her to acquire detailed information and impressions through her sense of smell, and it doesn’t take long for her to stick her nose in everyone’s business.

By Matt Groening


It takes a whole town to pack a colossal compendium with loads of laughs! First up, Bart and Lisa vie for Lard Lad Donut Kid of the Year! Then, Homer and the barflies battle marauding wild beasts as members of the Springfield Bear Patrol; Mr. Burns commandeers the Springfield public beach in the middle of a heat wave; Ralph gets left home alone, Duffman shows his esprit de corps by carrying his message to the ends of the universe; Milhouse takes on an impossible mission; Cletus lays down the law in the backwoods; and McBain faces his archenemy…“MENDOZA!!!” And as if that wasn’t enough food for thought, why not try your hands at building your very own KrustyBurger fast food franchise from the ground up!

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