Bongo Blog

By Ian Boothby, Terry Delegeane, Gail Simone, Igor Baranko, John Costanza, Jason Ho, Mike DeCarlo, Howard Shum


Designated drivers and designs on drunks are the farthest thing from Duffman’s real dreams when he turns in his six-packs for a new life. But who will fill the void and belly up to the bar when Duffman is no more?; Lisa matches wits with Principal Skinner in a Springfield Elementary whodunit; and discover the legend of “Bartzan and the Ancient Forbidden Golden City of Gold!” 

By Dean Rankine, Michael Saikin, Christine Seghers, Mike Kazaleh, Rex Lindsey, Mike Rote


Professor Frink’s newest invention can predict the future employment of all the students at Springfield Elementary, but it isn’t a field day for Frink when the children’s reaction to Career Day turns into a mini-melee. Then when Bart and Lisa put their minds together, they come up with one humdinger of a Malibu Stacy adventure.

By Ian Boothby, Max Davison, Dean Rankine, Chris Yambar, Jacob Chabot, James Lloyd, Mike Kazaleh, Phil Ortiz, Mike DeCarlo, Andrew Pepoy


When the snow is too deep for the police to do their work, Chief Wiggum forces Homer to take his plow out of retirement to help him solve crimes.  Then, Homer’s longstanding and unfulfilled promise to take the kids camping takes a turn for the worst…right into the middle of a snowstorm. And all we need to say is “Yippee-Ki-Yay, Mr. Flanders!” and any “die-hard” Simpson fan knows what lies in store!

By Matt Groening  & Misc.


Bongo’s annual, oversized, 96-page comic returns, tightly packed with megatons of explosive stories that will blow your mind! First, while the citizens of Springfield are tackling a tornado that is tearing through town, Homer finds himself hurtling through a time-travelling adventure of his own. Then, Martin Prince decides to make a move up the Springfield Elementary food chain by auditioning for the role of Bart’s second banana. And in a tale that will fill you with dread, the Simpson family finds shelter in a cabin in the woods. Then, Lisa gives Bart a little familial competition for the title of Class Clown; Moe hires the barmaid of his dreams; Pieman and the Cupcake Kid take on a new crime team, Glutenus Maximus and his sidekick Gluten Tag, whose pastry-related misdeeds have led to a ban on all baked goods in Springfield; and the sons of the Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club associates (aka the Mafia) take over on the “bully” trade at Springfield Elementary.

By Ian Boothby, Phil Ortiz, Mike DeCarlo


As if a pack of vicious dogs was not enough, Mr. Burns decides to build a moat around his palatial estate to discourage unwanted visitors. And when the Simpsons’ car goes into the shop for repairs, their fully loaded, loaner hybrid makes them the envy of everyone in Springfield! It’s part medieval throwback, part near-future fantasy, and all-out hilarious!

By Ian Boothby, John Delaney, Chuck Dixon, Nina Matsumoto,  Andrew Pepoy, Mike Rote, Ty Templeton


It’s an international affair! Simpsons Comics are published all over the world in a dozen different languages. This month Bongo takes you on a tour around the world and through the pages of Simpsons Comics as you might find them in Belgium, Japan, and Mexico.

By James W. Bates, Tony DiGerolamo, Dean Rankine, Mike Kazaleh, Nina Matsumoto, Andrew Pepoy


Bart and Milhouse search Springfield to reap the financial rewards being offered by Channel 6 for news tips, but when it turns out to be a slow news day, they decide to fabricate a few phony stories of their own. Meanwhile, Marge is not too thrilled with Bart’s fixation on his new violent video game “Skateboard Renegade.”

By Ian Boothby, Arie Kaplan, Batton Lash, Bill Galvan, James Lloyd, Ryan Rivette, Derek, Fridolfs, Patrick Owsley, Andrew Pepoy


Ned Flanders believes he has missed “The Rapture” until he discovers that everyone who  has been left behind is left-handed! Then, Apu accidentally receives a shipment of adorable gremlins intended for the sorcery shop a few doors down the block; unfortunately, he doesn’t read the warning that tells him not to feed them Squishees after midnight. And visit the “metropolitan” world of Fritz Lang (Simpsons-style), when the idle rich championed by Mr. Burns clash with the working poor led by Marge Simpson.