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By Matt Groening


Experience the world of Springfield in the form of a five-dollar bill as it changes many hands and many lives. It is a tale of hard work, dumb luck, insatiable greed, and time travel, as one five spot changes the course of human events. Then, Bart wins a shopping spree at Krusty’s Land of Misfit Toys, but it doesn’t take long before all his friends and family members are asking him to score them some free toys. And after Bart, Lisa and Milhouse take in a scary movie find out who has the worst nightmares.

Simpsons Comics #209 and Simpsons Comics #69 can be downloaded for your viewing pleasure via the Simpsons Comics App and at

By Ian Boothby, Max Davison, Shane Houghton, Dean Rankine, James Lloyd, Andrew Pepoy, Jacob Chabot, Hilary Barta


After an unfortunate trip to the dentist, Principal Skinner is mistaken for a vampire. It doesn’t help that Bart fuels the fire (and supplies the pitchforks) to an unruly mob uprising. And when Bart brings one of Professor Frink’s recent discoveries to school, it leads to some hair-raising hilarity. Then, Bart and Milhouse embark on an embittered and injurious thumbwrestling battle.

By Max Davison, Phil Ortiz, Mike DeCarlo


When an archaic town statute is enacted by City Hall, Homer Simpson and Chief Clancy Wiggum find themselves on the receiving end of an unexpected career switcheroo. Will this dramatic power shift cause life-altering changes in Springfield when the two donut-loving deadbeats take on each other’s deliciously do-nothing jobs? Um…not really.

Bart Simpson #52 and Simpsons Comics #88 can be downloaded for your viewing pleasure via the Simpsons Comics App and at

SPONGEBOB COMICS #30 features fun flip-book-type transformations courtesy of artist Bob Flynn. Here's a sample of some of the surreal sponge-action!

By David Lewman, Jacob Chabot, Dave DeGrand, Robert Leighton, Mark Martin, Shane Houghton, Stephanie Gladden, Bob Flynn, James Kochalka, Nate Neal, Travis Nichols


SpongeBob's dream of starring in the Boating School play have finally come true--but is the audience, and Mrs. Puff, ready for SpongeBob's unorthodox acting choices? Please hold your applause until the end of "Puff's Pageant." Then, in "Bottled Up," SpongeBob is stuck inside a glass bottle (he has his reasons!) and experiences one treacherous humiliation after another. Who can rescue our porous pal? Also in this issue: SpongeBob creates a friend to keep him company by the grill; Pearl wins a sculpture contest; and Mr. Krabs is "down with the kids."  All this plus SpongeFunnies by James Kochalka (Johnny Boo) and flip book fun by Bob Flynn (Bravest Warriors).

Simpsons Comics #89 and Bart Simpsons #47 can be downloaded for your viewing pleasure via the Simpsons Comics App and at

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