Radioactive Man 80-page Colossal #1

Radioactive Man 80-page Colossal #



Carbon date your calendars and set the alarm on your Doomsday Clock! Radioactive Man is back in a mega-big book featuring five fantastic tales of irradiated adventure!

• SEE! Radioactive Man walk down the aisle with arch-villainess Larva Girl in "To Betroth a Foe!"

• JIVE! with Radioactive Man as he resorts to rock 'n' roll in his fight against Larceny Lass and her hot-rodding gang of juvenile delinquents in "Radioactive Man--Teen Idol!"

• LUST! For the newest, grandest, most glorious super-hero in town in "Gloria Grand: Radioactive Woman!" Radioactive Man wants her, but is the city of Zenith big enough for two Irradiated Crusaders?

• GASP! As Gloria Grand gets a glimpse of the future when she time travels 40 years from 1955 to meet "Radioactive man --1985!"

• ALSO! The shocking, never-before-told origin of "Glowy", the Radioactive Dog! And by demand--a classicRadioactive Ape story!

• PLUS! "How to Draw Radioactive Man the Bongo Way," a secret map of Radioactive Man's Containment Dome, and more!



by B. Morrison, K. Morrison, Shaw!, Silverman, Gimple, Delegeane, Bridgeman, Gladden, Ortiz, Roman, Adam, Harkins, Laxamana

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