Radioactive Man #1000

Radioactive Man #


It's the end of the line for Radioactive man! Will the Irradiated Crusader ever get rid of that blasted lightning bolt that is stuck in his head? Will Claude (Radioactive man) Kane ever get to have a real date with Gloria Grand? Will Rod (Fallout Boy) Runtledge ever get more than three feet tall? It's now or never, because this is the big one--the titanic finale of the Atomic Avenger's critically-acclaimed six-part limited series! At last--see the hyperkinetic Radioactive Man of the '90s! PLUS! Shocking retcon revisionism og the Crimson Crusader's origin! A startling glimpse of RM's Golden Age roots! And a battle to the finish--honest!--with one of RM's greatest foes! It's the end of Radioactive Man--and what a way to go!


by Vance, Morrison


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