Simpsons Classics #21

Simpsons Classics #


Don't miss this all-Krusty ish! First, with a supporting cast in the midst of contract negotiations and the Springfield Mafia weighing his purse, Krusty hides out at the Simpson household, but because the show must go on...the Simpson family is enlisted to fill his cast while "The Krusty the Clown Show" broadcasts from their home. Then, imagine a fantastical world where all your brand name dreams come true or where you can take an exciting boat ride on fizzy cherry soda river. There are 5 golden straws that guarantee a glorious day at the Krusty Brand Fun Factory, and Bart and Homer will do anything to be part of the magical, mystical, high-saturated fat tour. Plus, "The Incredible Edible Exploits of Lard Lad." (Collects Simpson Comics #40 & 41)

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