Simpsons Classics #22

Simpsons Classics #


Five seconds to air! Give me focus on Camera 86!  Cue Bathroom-cam! In 3, 2 . . . GOOD MORNING, AMERICA!  It's time again for everyone's favorite plant supervisor, beer swilling buddy, and everyday's "The Homer Show!" Then Bart takes on Springfield's most famous urban legend...of course, we are talking about the strange and mysterious fate of Brain Freeze Steve. Rumor has it, he still haunts the Kwik-E-Mart to this very day. Plus: What would a picnic in Springfield be like without "The Slobberwacky"? And finally revealed, Roger Meyers Jr.'s  spin-off ideas for the much maligned and totally extreme character, Poochie (Collects Simpson Comics #42 &43)

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