Simpsons Comics #1

Simpsons Comics #


The Simpsons in their own comic book!  Cholesterol-filled first issue!  What terrifying creature could possibly have a bigger appetite than Homer Simpson, a bigger waistline, or a smaller brain?  Only The Amazing Colossal Homer!  And only the evil genius of Montgomery Burns could unleash a moinster so frightening -- so horrible -- so ridiculous!  The citizens of Springfield are panic-stricken!  The mayor of Springfield is outraged!  The police of Springfield are down at the donut shop (as usual)!  Don't miss it!  Plus, special flipside second cover and feature:  Bart Simpson's Creepy Crawly Tales!  Includes jumbo Simpsons pull-out poster -- part 1 of an ultra-jumbo Bongo universe mural!  To get all four pieces, collect all four Bongo first issues (the other two first issues will be offered next month)!



by Groening, Vance, Morrison, Bavington, Roy


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