Simpsons Comics #100

Simpsons Comics #


Bongo Comics Group celebrates the 100th issue of Simpsons Comics with something old , something new, something borrowed, and something blue with the first "clip show" comic book in the history of comicdom, and at the same time we tell you a brand-new, extra-long, full-length story. When Bart discovers that he and the rest of Springfield have been the subjects of a hundred comic books, he goes on a scavenger hunt for all the issues he can find including; the never before told story of Nuclear Power Man and Iron Foot starring Carl and Lenny, as well the gung ho, time traveling team-up of Raging Sergeant Abe Simpson and the Fighting Hellfish with Sergeant Seymour Skinner and his Grovelin' Grunts. However, Bart's search leads him to discover the terrible truth behind comic book collecting's greatest mystery. Also includes an appearance and art by special guest Sergio Aragones.



by Boothby, Ortiz, Delaney, Shum, Aragones

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