Simpsons Comics #13

Simpsons Comics #



Step aside Siegel and Shuster! Bart and Milhouse, the new bad-boy, comic creators, take on the publishing giants with a superhero of their own invention. The two young artistes quickly discover that they'll need super human powers to fend off plagiarizing bamboozlers, copyright infringers, and the looming hydra-head of movie rights.  It's a true story of good versus evil, on and off the page!


PLUS! Did someone say bad boys! The misunderstood bad boys of Springfield, Dolph, Kearney, and Jimbo Jones are finally in print, and it's not on a wanted poster. The groovy-juvies are up to no good in WEDGIE COMICS! 



by Glasberg, Ortiz, Bavington, Dutter, Cashman

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