Simpsons Comics #132

Simpsons Comics #


In a Simpsons Comics milestone, Bongo Comics Group presents the FIRST story SO BIG it takes TWO ISSUES to tell. That's right -a Part One AND a Part Two! For a non-continuity based comic book--that's a BIG DEAL!  Mr. Burns goes to a spa to be rejuvenated and comes back a new man--literally! Who is this pretender and why is everybody taken in by his newfound charm? Why is he selling off all of Mr. Burns belongings? Who is behind this dastardly scheme? And where is the "real" Mr. Burns? See...there are so many questions to answer, it just had to be TWO ISSUES LONG!

SPECIAL FEATURE: This issue  comes with a FREE movie poster for "THE SIMPSONS: THE MOVIE"!


by Boothby

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