Simpsons Comics #155

Simpsons Comics #


Fifteen years in the making, Bongo Comics Group presents the first multiple-title crossover since 1994's "When Bongos Collide!" Witness the event series that will change Radioactive Man, Bart Simpson and the citizens of Springfield forever. It's a three-part tale told in three consecutive weeks that will reinvent summer crossovers and comic storytelling, as we know it! It's "The Best Radioactive Man Event Ever!"

(Part 1) The new publisher of Radioactive Man comics, Krusty the Clown, is looking for a new marketing ploy to reinvigorate the character and bring in new readers; however, rumors of changes to the iconic irradiated crusader set the townsfolk abuzz. Is it time to form an angry mob or to form a line at the Android's Dungeon?


by Lash, Rodriquez, Pepoy

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