Simpsons Comics #17

Simpsons Comics #


You are watching the BBC, but put away the tea and crumpets--these shows are coming straight from the land of Duff and donuts! The Bart Broadcasting Channel is up and running and the big boys are running scared! How can Krusty compete with "Lisa Simpson's Joy of Soy"? How can Kent Brockman scoop the hard-hitting journalistic skills of Nelson Muntz? The network wars in Springfield know not of the Geneva Convention and it's gonna get ugly. Attention Nielsen families! -- You're not going to want to miss this one! (Show titles, times, and content is subject to change, so check your local listings.)



by Gottleib, Ortiz, Bavington, Shaw! Aragon├ęs, Morrison, Griffith, Bridgeman, Mowry


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