Simpsons Comics #23

Simpsons Comics #


The last time Bart Simpson visited France, he was held as a virtual slave in a chateau for over three weeks.  This time, he's bringing the Klown.  That is, until Krusty is plunged into a deep depression after learning he's not quite as popular in France as Jerry Lewis (or even Emmanuel Lewis, for that matter).  And so, the "Akkompany Krusty to France" contest winners, Bart and Milhouse, are left to fend for themselves on the streets of Paris as Krusty drowns his sorrows in bleu cheese and cheap escargot.  But when Bart and Milhouse run into Ugolin and Cesar, the two fraudulent wine-makers who had imprisoned Bart, it'll take help from a certain despondent harlequin to foil their French con-nection.


by Rosenthal, Ortiz, Bavington, Studney, Lincoln, Morrison

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