Simpsons Comics #3

Simpsons Comics #


The game is afoot, and it's elementary --Springfield Elementary, that is!  With Principal Skinner away aty an Elementary School Principals Support Group meeting, a fiendish criminal mastermind steals the statue of the puma, the school's beloved mascot.  Who would heist Skinner's hand-crafted pride and joy?  For some strange reason, fingers immediately point to Bart Simpson!  If the statue isn't recovered before Skinner returns, Bart faces 10,000 years of detention!  Can Lisa unmask the real catnapper in time to save Bart from the slammer?  Is it Nelson?  Jimbo?  Ms. Krabappel?  No one is above suspicion, not even Groundskeeper Willie!  The wildest issue yet!


by Vance, Morrison, Bavington, Castellaneta, Lacusta

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