Simpsons Comics #32

Simpsons Comics #


What's this going on in the heart of Springfield town? 

Why it's McBean's coffeehouse nearly shut down!  

From a lack of business, commerce, and ching--

Until they realize Lisa Simpson's got just the thing

To bring in the patrons, the customers, the joes

To fill up the place 'til they need more rows!

A poetry night to trade spoken verse

Until things suddenly go from pretty good to worse

Moe the bartender wants back the drunks

He's lost to the taste of McBean's biscotti dunks.

And then there's Martin Prince once more,

Who's eager to join Moe in settling the score.

You see Martin has felt his heart filleted

By the smartest girl in the second grade.

Lisa, she didn't accept Martin's date,

And now his love has turned from dislike to hate. 

And he's going to get her back the best way he cans

By holding his own poet night at Moe's and stealing her fans.

So now it's Lisa and Krusty and Troy and McBain

Against Moe and Martin--our prediction?  Pain. 



by Rosenthal, Bavington, Gladden, Ortiz, Morrison

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