Simpsons Comics #37

Simpsons Comics #



MYSTERY TAGGER TAKES ON EL BARTO!! As he sits in his Lay-Z-Boy at the Springfield Retirement Castle, Abe Simpson is a solitary figure. Comforted only by the vague and strangely absurd recollections of days gone by, not to mention the cabbage soup he had for lunch, forgotten by his family, and forsaken by time, his is a voice crying out in the darkness.  One failed letter writing campaign after another has yielded little but restraining orders against several top officials and an allergy to stamp glue. But once bitten by the bug of inspiration, Grampa Simpson will embark on a new career as Springfield's oldest public enemy No.#1. Proving that the spray can is mightier than the sword our erstwhile Zorro sets out to leave no building unmarked with his protests.  But what will happen when "El Grampo" goes nozzle to nozzle with "El Barto"?  Will the Gen-Xer and the Geriatric find they have more in common than their love of "MATLOCK" squishee collector cups?



ALSO this ish -- the cause-carrying, crisis-containing, crime-solving continuing continuity of Claude Kane III, also known to the denizens of Zenith as the bolt and the dutiful -- Radioactive Man. 




by Tuber, Maile, Luchsinger, Ortiz, Bavington

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