Simpsons Comics #38

Simpsons Comics #



Monty Burns has hatched yet another shifty scheme to subjugate the sundry citizenry of Springfield. When America's least favorite tyrannical tycoon replaces his employees' daily dose of donuts with a chemically-engineered and highly addictive substitute, the nuclear power plant's lollygagging jackanapes devolve into slack-jawed pastry-junkies, giving Burns a sugar-glazed stranglehold on Springfield's economy. Will the denizens of Springfield be steamrolled by Mr. Burns' stimulating cinnamon-flavored strategy, or will his insidious designs fritter away before his very eyes? Who will step forward to put an end to Burns' megalomaniacal machinations and save Springfield from its sticky-fingered, jelly-filled fate? 


Plus: The third, thrilling, thermonuclear installment of Radioactive Man's resplendent, rip-roaring, reality-razing return! Featuring the Superior Squad's bloody, brazen, backstabbing betrayal at the hands of one of their own!



by Rubenstein, Ortiz, Bavington

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