Simpsons Comics #40

Simpsons Comics #


Hey, kids, it "The Krusty the Clown Show!" Starring Krusty the Clown and...Sideshow Marge?  Featuring Itchy and...Snowball?! Has the world gone ttopsy turvy? When a visit to the Simpsons household turns into a painful (yet hilarious) injury for Krusty, he becomes a permanent houseguest! In addition to acting as reluctant hosts for the crude but crippled clown, the Simpsons clan must fend off Krusty's flock of litigating legal eagles. The only way to do it? The Simpsons have to agree to broadcast Krusty's show from their own home! Will America's favorite nuclear family survive their traumatic transition into the entertainment industry? Find out if there really is no business like show business.


by Morrison, Ortiz, Bavington, Shaw!

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