Simpsons Comics #41

Simpsons Comics #


Imagine a fantastical world where all your brand name dreams come true or where you can take an exciting boat ride on fizzy cherry soda river. There are 5 golden straws.  Only five.  Five straws that guarantee a glorious  day at the Krusty Brand Fun Factory.  Bart and Homer will do anything to get into the magical, mystical, high-tech automated plant where Krusty the Clown churns out his sensational cream pies, chia Krustys, and diet pork juice.  But a mysterious presence is about wreak havoc on both child and chaperone,  and Homer and Bart will soon discover that there are no emergency exits in the Krusty Brand Deathtrap.


by McCann, Graff, Lloyd, Bavington, Boothby, Preite, Harkins

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