Simpsons Comics #43

Simpsons Comics #



Everybody knows one, has told one or knows someone that knows someone that one actually happened to.  We're talking about urban legends, of course, and the city of Springfield has plenty of them.  Take for instance, the story of Brain Freeze Steve, the kid whose head exploded (supposedly) when he drank a squishee with two straws.  Rumor has it, he still haunts the Kwik-E-Mart to this very day.  But how do you find out the truth, when the store never closes?


PLUS -- The best laid plans of mice, cats and men are finally revealed, when Bongo resurrects Roger Meyers Jr.'s  spin-off ideas for the much maligned and totally extreme character, Poochie.  Krusty's sworn affadavits be hanged, Poochie is back! 



by McCann, Graff, Preite, Tran, Bavington, Shaw!, Harkins

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