Simpsons Comics #50

Simpsons Comics #


Bongo celebrates this milestone issue with an all new, all art, no ads, 80 page, prestige format book with a wraparound cover. To honor each of the Simpsons titles released over the past 7 years, this spectacular issue includes stories about the Simpsons, Bartman, Radioactive Man, Itchy & Scratchy, Lisa, and Krusty the Clown with some extra material thrown in.  Aided and abetted by some of comicdom's finest talents, Simpsons Comics turns fifty in style. See Batman scribe, Chuck Dixon, tackle Bartman; Scott Cunningham, Vertigo's master of grisly humor, take on Itchy & Scratchy; Hilary Barta, lately of Hellboy, Jr. and Splash Brannigan, debut as a Radioactive Man artist; and Gail Simone, the rising star at Comic Book Resources and You'll All Be Sorry columnist, deftly handle Lisa Simpson.


by Groening, Morrison

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