Simpsons Comics #51

Simpsons Comics #



Most families celebrate Thanksgiving in the warm embrace of their family and friends, filling their bellies with turkey with dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberries, and pumpkin pie. Maybe, they are even enjoying a parade or a football game or two. The Simpsons are not like most families.  Lisa is protesting the annual turkey-cide, Bart is taking in a holiday sale at the Try 'N' Save, Homer is trying to save Mr. Burns from genetically engineered turkeys, and Marge (thanks to Homer) has nothing to serve her guests. It's piping hot holiday hilarity in "Bart and Lisa and Marge and Homer and Maggie (to a Lesser Extent) Vs. Thanksgiving." 


Also: Speculate on the spectacular, when Bongo ponders the question: "What Would Possibly Happen If...Cletus Went to College?"



by Gimple, Gonzales Loyo, Bavington, Ortiz, McCrae

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