Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #4

Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #


IT'S HERE!  IT'S HERE!  RUN FOR YOUR the nearest comic store! Bongo's tantilizing terror-filled tradition is back with two frighteningly funny fables from fan faves Chuck Dixon (Detective Comics, Nightwing, Robin, Green Arrow) and Batton Lash (Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre). Aliens, world domination, the threat of litigation, and a close facsimile of the truth––it's all in this one comic book! And what intergalactic invasion would be complete without the masterful mayhem of Geof Darrow (Hardboiled, Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot) and inspired inventiveness Bill Morrison (Roswell: Little Green Man). It's the howl-arious Halloween happening guaranteed to give you the heebie-jeebies!


by Dixon, Ortiz, Bavington, Darrow, Lash, Priete

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