Simpsons Comics #2

Simpsons Comics #


Principal Skinner has finally had enough!  Sick and tired of a few hooligans -- especially Bart Simpsons -- who are spoiling the learning experience for everyone, the haggard headmaster decides to teach the offenders a lesson.  The baddest boys in school get sent to a special delinquency-prevention program at Springfield State Prison called "Scared Spitless."  There, in an effort to frighten the kids into going straight, the inmates tell them about the horrors of prison life.  But for Bart, the scariest part is the prisoner he's paired with -- Sideshow Bob!  Plus, special flipside second cover and feature:  Patty and Selma's Ill-Fated Romance Comics!  Can it be true?  Marge's sister Selma is having an affair with -- Homer?!


by Groening, Vance, Morrison, Bavington

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