Jim Woodring Earns Eisner Nominations

Jim Woodring Earns Eisner Nominations

Posted on 04-04-2012


Bongo Comics is pleased and honored to announce that guest artist Jim Woodring (Frank comics, The Book of Jim, Seeing Things, and Weathercraft) has received an Eisner nomination (Best Short Story) for his contribution to our Simpsons Treehouse of Horror #17 this past year. Jim has also been nominated for an Eisner as Best Writer/Artist for both his Treehouse of Horror story, “Harvest of Fear,” and his book Congress of the Animals from Fantagraphics Books.


“Harvest of Fear” is a tour de force tribute to EC horror comics and its many imitators. In the story, Bart is introduced to the world of horror comics, and before long he finds himself caught in the middle of one.


Of his Simpsons experience, Jim Woodring had this to say: “Well, I can tell you that like almost every other sentient being in America I have gotten to know the world of The Simpsons so well that working on the Treehouse of Horror story was just like writing about friends and family. I'd been wanting to pay homage to those horrid old second-string horror comics from the fifties and this was the perfect opportunity; it was fun to torture Bart in the same way those old comics tortured me. So many things I like came together in that story that working on it was like a good dream. One thing I learned is how deceptively perfect those character designs are, how hard it is to get accurate portraits of them. All in all it was a great experience and a real honor to play a part, even such a tiny and corrupt one, in the great sprawling Simpsons saga.” 


The Seattle-based Woodring had spent much of his time in the past couple years raising money to fund his own pet project: the creation of a 7-foot steel-tipped dip pen and pen holder, which he debuted in January of this year. To learn more about this project do a search for Nibbus Maximus.


We’re huge fans of his work and continue to be inspired by his genius.


Congrats, Jim!